Transforming Nuneaton

A change for the better

This exciting new meeting, eating, drinking and entertainment destination is the first landmark development in the wider Transforming Nuneaton programme, which is designed to reinvigorate Nuneaton and bring more people into the town centre.

Warwickshire County Council and Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council are working to deliver the Transforming Nuneaton Programme. This is a suite of projects that, together, will provide Nuneaton with the economic boost it needs, helping it become a strong hub for its community. Investment in the town centre will be sought to improve:

  • leisure and business opportunities
  • education and skills
  • housing development
  • rail, highway and cycle infrastructure

Increased leisure & business opportunities

Improved education & skills

Unlocking housing development

Enhanced rail, highway & cycle infrastructure









The vision is to transform Nuneaton into a more dynamic and flourishing town centre, where people choose to:

  • Live with high quality, easily accessible town centre housing and a strong, diverse leisure offer
  • Do business with excellent transport connections and high-quality space for established and start-up businesses
  • Shop with a mix of national, independent and specialist retailers.
  • Visit through the creation of high-quality public spaces, together with enhancing the town’s heritage and cultural offers.

Grayson Place is currently under construction and will deliver 200,000 sq ft of new buildings.

In addition to Grayson Place, the Transforming Nuneaton programme consists of the development along Vicarage Street, which includes 65 new family homes on Justice Walk and ‘Bridge to Living’, a residential-led development on Bridge Street.

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